Lose the fat for good: A 10-week guide to changing the way you eat, think and feel.

Katherine Scott

About the Author

Hi! I'm Katherine Scott, a registered dietitian and creator of the Eat Smart Program, a 10-week fat-loss program. My clients have requested a written version of the program for years and I created 10 Pounds 10 Inches 10 Weeks just for that reason. It is a 10-week guide to losing the fat for good. It walks you through each day with nutrition changes to make, new thinking principles to adapt and encouragement all along the way. Please see below for success stories of Eat Smart clients and a look into the guide. If you're ready to shed the weight for good, this guide is just what you need!

L Huff

‘I have always tried to watch my weight and exercise but was tired of the usual yo-yo dieting and wanted to feel better by the time I turned 50! I was tired of not sleeping well, feeling achy and run down with no energy and needed to make a change. I needed a new approach on how to jump start my metabolism and actually LEARN how nutrition works with the body. Eat Smart allowed me to lose 30 pounds and drop 4 dress sizes!! I even lost 13 more pounds after I completed the program!’

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L huff
E Stroup

E Stroup

‘In 2012, at 49 years old, I found myself overweight and out of shape. I found the tools I needed through the Eat Smart Program to overhaul my nutrition and was able to achieve my goal of losing 50 pounds by my 50th birthday! More importantly, I have KEPT the weight off.’

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K Palmer

‘Kelly was very physically active all her life and never had to worry about her weight until she hit college where she gradually put on 35 pounds. Over the years she tried numerous times to lose the weight with quick fixes, but of course nothing worked. However, once she made up her mind to get rid of the excess weight once and for all, she dug right into the Eat Smart principles and habits and successfully lost 40 pounds! She maintains that weight loss to this day. ’

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